1. oxboxer:


    tawny i wanna talk about this with uuuuu


  2. forgottengrin:


    We, as a venue, a safe space, and a home, will NOT tolerate when touring bands treat our town and our home, as their playground.

    Tour should be a time when you, as a band, are reaching out and meeting people, promoting yr band, selling yr merch, and building a community around you. Leaving a bad…

    Punk houses are important. Treat the people who are kind enough to invite you into their home with respect!

  3. heckacute:

    Is that a banana in your pocket or are fruit flies just completely enamored with your genitals?

    My life



  5. eataku:

    Finally got my hands on them thanks to my pal @AkiYanagi…


    Now wish I never had. Just terrible.


    We did a taste test at our creative retreat and not a single person liked them.

    The truth is, the Frito-Lay flavor engineers did their job too well… these taste JUST like a sip of Mountain…

    wanna hear dillvers thoughts on these

  6. Good bird

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  7. A man for all spaces

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  8. dillvers:

    throw me a bone by pebbles

    playing that gig tomorrow w/ QBs and Foozle and Grand Mariner and not my playing another one until the end of august w/ Bad Canoes, Pink Wash, and Merkin. learn all the words to these songs so i don’t feel so lonely yelling them back at u

    U guys are on the most dreamy lineups, wish I was there

  10. Ms. Marvel basically goes to my high school this comic is the SHIT