1. Dang, Makimura Satoru really nails the fashion world


  2. 0nehundredpercent:

    belated thoughts: 

    the half was not enough

    Told ya

  3. brujacore:


    Why isn’t anyone talking about this?

    This is so incredibly fucked up and sad.


  4. 0nehundredpercent:

    contemplating whether or not half a bagel is really enough

    It ain’t


  5. selenescript:

    yesterday they were projecting the hit me baby one more time music video on downstairs in the conference room and i realized i had never seen that video or most videos in the 90s or early 00s because when i was that age i felt really insecure about everything, which is also why when my friend…


    I too recently had a kind of “born again, loving Britney” moment, which culminated in seeing her live, dressed like an angel.

    I felt glad about my life


  6. started playing pokemon heartgold, will name all my pokemon after nb pals b/c i am a Chump and a Sad Girl

    so look out for yr pokesonas

  7. twentypercentcooler:


    Some character profiles from Saturday Night Slam Masters, arcade. I’m surprised that Haggar was born in New York and not Metro City. I’m not surprised that he likes pounding punks.


  9. arabellesicardi:

    i downloaded this book 2  years ago for a joke and i’m still too terrified to even read it to make fun of it because i think it’s actually the portal to hell??


  10. tawny:

    this-sharknado-loves-you replied to your post: so how often do y’all think i should r…


    once a year, like a holiday we can all look forward to

    so many differing opinions

    my option is less work