2. arabellesicardi:

    so it begins!!! 

    you mean like… you’re going to sleep now?

    all month?

    like a bear?

  3. mixtapewormhole:

    the truth is out there

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  5. tawny:


    the world famous New Brunswick Meat Stick #meattownusa

    please give credit to the discoverer of the Meat Stick, Me

    I demand an explanation

  6. Be careful with that mug!

    I’m coming for it

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  7. comicbookcovers:

    Detective Comics #275, January 1960, cover by Sheldon Moldoff

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  8. tawny:

    it’s labor day weekend, my birthday weekend and this record is one of my very favorite things so this is what’s happenin until tuesday


    I appreciate you

  9. vanillaskynet:


    It’s a me

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  10. americascutest:

    period sex stunt.

    Taylor looks so badass.

    photo cred: dawn riddle//bad canoes

    I’m pining for uuuuuu~

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